The Grapevine

The Grapevine

A children's book in English that brings alive the process of growth and development through the eyes of a grapevine. Through the story, children learn about the unique qualities of the Holy Land and its special mitzvot

מחיר:   40 ₪
משלוח: חינם

Author: Gil Schwartzberg
Translator: Shoshan Levy
English ed. editor: Rabbi Moshe Bloom


The new children's book, now available in English, accompanies the grapevine on its long journey: it starts out as a small, wandering pit that it strikes roots and develops into a grapevine in the Land of Israel. There it grows grapes and waits until its orlah years are over. Finally, its grapes are brought up to the Beit HaMikdash with great joy

This educational story imparts the values of growth and patience and familiarizes children with the sanctity of the Land of Israel and its special mitzvot. The story is written in simple, flowing ryhme and accompanied by bright illustrations


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